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Since We Are Talking About Dreaming . . .

I have always been a Dreamer... literally. I dream every night, usually 2, 3 or more and I remember them all, in vivid detail. Since I started this Blog and wrote about my Orca dream it got me to thinking of other dreams I have had .... here is a just a few...

My Life as an Ape.

Though I was more like a chimpanzee, only very large. I belonged to a man who was very cruel. He gave no more thought to torturing or killing animals or humans as he would spitting his wad of chewing tobacco on the ground. He beat me often and used me to “perform” for money. If the crowd was large and money was good, more often than not, he fed me, though not always. We did not belong to any one circus but made the rounds to the different carnivals and shows. Sometimes a companion chimp joined us, but if they did not perform well, he sold it and if he couldn’t sell it, he killed it. I learned very early not to get too attached to anything.

I had no concept of “language” but I was aware of differing emotions. In myself and in others. Anger/hatred gave off an acrid smell that burned my senses. Laughter gave off varying degrees of odor, depending on if it was true mirth, or derisive glee. True joy gave off a warm, sweet smell that caused my body to respond, a quickening of my heart and feelings of well being. Though I rarely witnessed it.

There was one little girl that reached out to me once. I could feel her empathy and feelings of sadness for ME. I almost let my guard down and reach back to her, but her mother human scooped her up and took her away.

I watched everything and everyone, trying to understand the “ways of humans”.

My life an Ape was a short one. We were with a traveling circus and there was a large gorilla that was owned by another human. He was treated as cruelly as I was. Our two humans tried to get us to perform together but I was wary of the large animal and he had been beaten so often he bordered on madness.

Our two humans decided they would put on a Grand Show and have the two us locked in a large cage and fight. The crowd was large and the noise deafening. I was quick and agile and could climb the bars out the huge gorilla’s reach but soon I tired. The two men that owned us goaded the gorilla whenever he tried to back into a corner and beat him with large sticks. Finally, he had enough and lunged at me, grabbing me by my foot. The end was mercifully quick. As I floated out of my body I slowly became aware of myself as myself and no longer an ape.

And then I woke up. Why do I try to understand all viewpoints, no matter how much they may differ from mine? Because of dreams like this.


Rock Be Dragon

I was on Lasqueti, though, it wasn't "now" Lasqueti. Perhaps it was an Ancient Lasqueti, or a Lasqueti in a Different Dimension or Alternate Reality.. who knows.. it's a dream.

I was standing in False Bay with a tribe of Indigenous People when I noticed this beautiful “rock” or tiny island. The tide was going out. Way out and I realized I could wade out to it as the water only got waste deep no matter how far I walked. As I reached the base of the rock someone said to me “The Tribespeople revere this rock. It lays directly over a fault.”

Piqued I began to climb it. When I reached the top of the rock it leveled out to a small plateau and I lay face down on it. The sun was gloriously warm on my back and I began to deeply relax. As I lay in repose, I began to hear a faint hum in my ear and feel a strange and pleasant vibration/energy emitting from the rock. This energy filled my whole body and it felt like the Rock was breathing.

As I listened to it’s “breath” for a split second I felt like I was laying on a huge dragon’s head. I opened my eyes. The Rock had turned to a shimmering Blue/Green and my hands ran along silky, smooth "scales".

Suddenly there was a commotion on the beach. I looked over and the Tribespeople were chanting and beginning some sort of ceremony. They had surrounded a large tree. A VERY large tree. The largest tree I had ever seen. The person beside me said “The Tribespeople are performing a Celebration Ceremony as this Rock Dragon only appears every 100 years.” I watched in awe as they surrounded the tree, undulating and singing, their voices raising to a hypnotic pitch. Next, 4 Tribesmen stood in strategic points around the tree and began to cut it down. They worked in perfect unison and when one tired another took his place seamlessly. As I watched I realized the tree would land directly on top of me and I started to get up.

“No!” the person commanded. “The tree will not land on you. It is perfectly measured. Stay on the Rock. You must.” And with that the person disappeared.

I lay back down on the Rock, feeling and hearing its hum and vibration coursing through my body. Again, I had the impression I was laying on top of the head of a large dragon. I watched the tree as it began to sway, the thack, thack, thack of the axes ringing in my ears. Fear engulfed me and I wrapped my arms around the Rock and clung tight.

Suddenly with a loud CRACK the massive tree began to fall, straight at me. Like a movie in slow motion, inch by inch the tree fell and as it hit the water large waves rose up, I hadn’t noticed the tide had been coming in the whole time. I stared mesmerized until finally the tip landed just inches from my face. The Tribespeople on the beach roared with approval and their Celebration Ceremony began in earnest as each Tribesperson, from the youngest to the oldest started to “process” the Tree.

The person who spoke to me previously reappeared and told me it was time for me to leave the Rock. I climbed down and began to swim to shore, the strange hum I heard still in my ears. The incredible energy I felt still coursing through my body. When I reached the shore, I stood on the beach for a few minutes watching the Tribespeople. They worked as One, their reverence for Nature and all it provided glowed on their faces. I turned away and the scene faded to black…


Whale Song

I had the most powerful dream last night. A group of us were invited to a mutual friend's wedding that was on another island. We all got in our friend's boat and headed out. A few hours later we got "lost" and headed into what looked like a small marina. As we got out of the boat to get gas from a small station it was not long before we noticed we were in a small First Nation's community. I went into a store nearby and it became quite obvious I was not welcome. When I tried to leave a young man locked the door and blocked my way. There was complete silence, but I could feel the anger and hatred directed at me. A few minutes later the young man unlocked the door and stepped away.

I walked outside to the pumps and realized my friends were nowhere in sight. There were people milling around and more of the same anger and hatred was directed at me, which was accompanied with name calling, threats and disdain. I was terrified, but all the while I absolutely understood why I was being treated this way and the term “white privilege” kept going through my head and I felt ashamed. I kept apologizing for intruding in their town and asking for directions on how I could leave. I was either ignored, taunted or threatened.

Next, I started running down the road, looking for the water in hopes of finding my friends. Someone ahead of me pulled out a gun and I froze. I heard a “CRACK” and a sharp pain ripped through my body. I looked wildly around and spotted water between two buildings and, holding my wound, stumbled towards it. As I neared the water and stepped onto the beach 2 beautiful Orcas rose up and began to sing. The sun was glittering on the water and the sight of the Orcas left me in awe. On a boat tied to the shore an Elder was working on some nets. She stood up and called me to come to her. Grateful, I walked towards her and then passed out.

I awoke in a small bed, the Elder woman sitting beside me and a few more were milling around, tending a fire, cooking and doing bead work. There were also a few young women there that I intuitively understood to be their “initiates”.

The Elder woman started talking to me. It was in her language but some how I understood. She told me I was to stay with them, that it would take quite a long time for my wound to heal and that I was to learn “their ways”; an ancient way of living, that is only passed down from an Elder to an initiate. She told me the Orcas sang to her and that they had come for me. I asked her for my phone and could see there were 100’s of messages. I listened to a few and it became apparent that the “outside world” had thought I had run away. There was one distraught message from my mother, begging me to come home. I put my phone down, looked deep into the Elder woman’s eyes and knew that I had to stay with her, even though I may cause pain to my family and friends.

Slowly my wound healed, and I became comfortable in my new surroundings, which were filled with peace and love and mutual respect. I loved the women I lived with and learned from and every time I went near the ocean the Orcas would come, surround me, and sing to me.

Soon, stories of my disappearance faded from the news and I was content and happy. One day, the Elder woman came to me and told me “it is time for you to go back”. I was distraught. I refused. I did not want to leave the beautiful, peaceful life I had become accustomed to. The thought of going back to that “other world” of anger, and hatred and racism; greed, pollution and compete disrespect for Mother Earth was more than I could bare. But the Elder woman insisted, and I was packed up onto a boat and pushed away. As I headed back to the “Other World” the Orcas surrounded me and Sang me a Song. It was one of love and reassurance and I knew when I needed to draw strength that all I needed to do was call on them and they would be there. A moment later, I woke up....

More dreams to come.

In Light,


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