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Hello, I'm Dianna and I am here to help you understand what your Spirit Animal Guides want to share with you.

Has a certain animal shown up in your life? Or do you notice that they seem to be everwhere... repeatedly seen on your feeds, in commercials or on signs? Guess what!? They are trying to speak to you because they have a message you need to hear.

Did You Know?

Spirit Animal Guides ...

Can help you change and transform your life? By tapping into the wisdom your Animal Spirit Guide has for you, you can take the steps to real change.

Spirit Animal Guides ...

Can help you times of crisis and many times will show up in dreams to get your attention? Your Animal Spirit Guides are there for you 24/7.

No Lesser or Greater ...

There is no "more powerful" or "more greater' Animal Spirit Guide. They are all equal and each one has it's own unique message.

You have one (or more) Spirit Animal Guides that have been with you your whole life.

All my life I have been able to "hear" and understand what animals say to me. As a child I spent a lot of time alone. We always had some sort of animal as a pet ... cats, dogs, frogs, birds, hamsters, gerbils, fish... and I relished my time with them. I always preferred to be with animals than with people. Animals don't lie.

In my early 20's I became very interested in Metaphysics while going through hypnotherapy. In my sessions I began to remember the past lives I have lived through and fascinated, I threw myself into holistic and alternative therapies including Reiki, Shamanism, Feng Shui and Sound Therapy.

At this time, I also discovered my innate ability to go into deep, trancelike meditations that allowed me to receive visions and communicate to Angels, the Devic realm and Beings of Light from the Pleiades. These deep meditations also stepped up my ablility to communicate with the Animal Kingdom.

I was born and raised in Victoria BC and lived most of my life there until I met my husband 15 years ago. It was his retirement dream to live off the grid and we bought 10 acres of raw land on a mountain, on the remote island of Lasqueti. Our 10 acres is situated beside a nature reserve which provides us with 100's of acres of forest surrounding us.


Living off the grid has it's challenges (visit my Off the Grid site). We have no indoor plumbing, no modern appliances (that's right, no dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, microwave, or even a toaster!) We generate our own power through solar panels. Our only source of water is the rain water we collect and store in our water tanks.


Our only source of heat is from our woodstove which takes 6 cords of wood we need to cut down, buck, split and dry and stack every year. Our wood stove also cooks our meals and heats our water for dishes and bathing. The one modern convenience I would not live without is internet, which we get via satellite.

Though life off the grid is hard work, the benefits are many. You have not seen dark until you live miles away from the nearest city. You have not heard quiet until you live deep in the woods. This back to nature lifestyle allows me to meditate and connect with my surroundings on a level I have never known before. And that includes the animals.

The Universe is sending you signs... all the time ... and the animals can help you decipher them.


Your Spirit Animal can come to you in many different ways. In your dreams, in real life and through mediums such as tv, memes, feeds and more. How do you know when your Spirit Animal is trying to send you a message? Because you see the image, or animal over and over again. Usually to the point where you finally think "What the Heck!!??!!"

Now that it has got your attention what do you do? There are many good resources that gives you information on the general meaning when an animal shows up in your life, but if you want deeper knowledge of what your Spirit Animal is trying to tell you, that's where I can help.


Through my ability as an Animal Communicator I will connect to your Spirit Animal and receive the messages it is trying to send you. At this time if you can also ask any questions you may have.

As stated before there is no "better", "greater" or more "powerful" Animal Spirit Guide. Every animal, insect, reptile and so on has it's own special "medicine", lessons and messages.

Your Spirit Animal Guide wishes to speak to you and give you a much needed message. Let me help!

(p.s. I took all the photographs

on this page)


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