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Empath Coach, Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

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Wendy Wallace

"Being a card reader for over 10 years, I've become very in tune with my intuition and spirit team to deliver the most beneficial message for you. Sometimes this includes a psychic message as well.  More and more, I've noticed that the person being read may also get their own intuitive messages that they feel compelled to share.


You can request a 15 or 30 minute read, asking your own question(s) or letting the cards fall where they may - the most popular option!

I use several tarot and oracle decks throughout the reading, following my intuition on which ones to choose. Often my clients will tell me they had their eye on a certain deck so If I haven't already pulled from it, then I will because that's their intuition guiding them to a message.

As well as reading cards, I'm also an Empath Coach which means I work with people who may suspect they could be an Empath, or know they are but are struggling with what that means for them. Having gone through that myself is what drives me to gently encourage you to tune into your own intuitive guidance and other abilities that may be waiting to emerge, just below the surface.


These sessions are very interactive, encouraging you to tune into your own intuitive guidance throughout which creates a fun and engaging experience!"


Mini Readings Pricing for Light & Energy Symposium:

15 min - $30.00.

30 min - $50.00.

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