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Shamanic Healing & Sacred Womb Awakening 

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Heidi Pellman is a Shamanic and Womb Awakening practitioner with a deep connection to the spiritual realms and a gengle, nurturing energy. She helps guide individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing through shamanic ceremoney. Drawing from her many years on the spritual path and her training in core shamanism and sacred womb awakening, Heidi creates sacred spaces for inner exploration and empowerment; facilitating deep healing on many levels.

Sacred Womb Awakening

Sacred Womb work involves clearing memories, emotions and trauma imprints from this life and our ancestral lines that are held within the womb space. It is deep feminine work that clears and awakens ones spiritual womb to establish a clear connection to this highly intuitive and powerful portal of creation. The Womb is a space where new creative ideas are seeded, gestate and are birthed into physical form. If we want to cultivate authentic self love and manifest our creations into physical form we must begin in the Womb, where all of creation began.  In this time of great recalibration and renewal, we as women are being called to step forth and reclaim our divine feminine wisdom and power. Whether your physical womb remains or not, the energetic womb space remains as fertile ground for creation.

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Shamanic Services

At the core of shamanic and animistic cultures is the understanding that Spirit resides in all things. That everything from rocks and water to plants and animals embody an essence that contains deep wisdom and connects them, and humans to the Great Web of Life.

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Shamanic healing is a collaborative process that involves the client, the practitioner and the compassionate Spirits. In my practice, I use the shamanic journey to travel between our visible reality and the realm of Spirit. Following a shamanic session the individual may feel more embodied, empowered and energized. Many people experience heightened intuition, the release of toxic emotions, awareness of patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them, physical and emotional healing and a deeper sense of connection to themselves and the world around them. Though this form of shamanic healing is gentle, it is powerful and requires the person to tend to themselves with intention, compassion and presence as they move through the integration process.

Shamanic Services Offered:

Power Animal Retrieval  |  Shamanic Extraction   |  Soul Retrieval

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