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Psychic & Intuitive Readings

Teresa Klan

What do you choose as your reality? What do you want to create? What supports your authentic, divine expression?  Why did you come here and what is it you are meant to share?


As a young girl, Teresa was gratefully blessed with a full-on illumination experience of unity consciousness that imbued a mysterious light of purity in her heart that allows her to connect with high level beings and use that for healing.  This organically evolved into many blessings, special gifts and connections, humbly leaving her with a profound love for Source/Creator/God/Goddess/the Divine, all our relations and our sacred universe. 

With her blessed illumination realization happening at such a young age, she's been able to capture the mastery skills over many decades that's needed to weave threads of multi-disciplinary spiritual knowledge, wisdom and experience and create personalized sessions just right for you.


Teresa is a multi-dimensional intuitive and healer and is an expert in many fields including Akashic Records, energy healing, metaphysical mentor/coach, Soul Integration/Persona/Shadow work, Soul-Essence Alignment with your I Am Presence, aura repair and upgrades, energy infusions, ceremony and ritual, neo-shamanism, crystals, angels, Pranic Healing, remote viewing, Reiki, Elemental Space Clearing, Heartmath and so much more.


Her first tarot deck was acquired 48 years ago, and while  she no longer uses them, you can rely on her expertise as the foremost local tarot and oracle card expert.

Teresa supports people internationally with finding their path of light, revealing their unique spiritual truth.  Saving you time, she offers the distillation of the very best, most effective techniques that she knows has helped her and her clients over the years.  We can explore the hidden undercurrents of every facet of your life:  spiritual development, relationships, mental-emotional wellness, abundance and prosperity, career, purpose work.  We can free you from energetic distortions and invite your true living light in, creating a better connection with your higher self and the Divine!

Teresa knows this rarified state of unity consciousness is the true reality we all co-create with every choice we make.  It is her passion to support those seeking expanded awareness and consciousness, free of energetic distortions and interference.


By taking responsibility and harmonizing with our unique energy signature frequencies we come into sympathetic resonance with the natural laws of the universe.  This in turn self-activates our precious birthright of being sacred human Creator Beings.  This is what authentic manifesting is really about.  With Divine guidance and support, we evolve our connections with ourselves, our ancestors, communities and the Divine.  We organically shar love and light with all beings, with our gorgeous jewel-like planet Earth and the benevolent star nations.


We are all on the same trajectory:  on our journey back home to Source, evolving as a species into Homo Luminous.  The time is now to claim your sovereign rights and gifts, ignite your inner lights and consciously share your cymatic frequency patterns, your note, with the celestial symphony for all of us as we collectively dream a new world into being.

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