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Q & A

1: Size of Space/Table I will recieve

Our tables (booths) are 6 feet long, with approximately 3 to 4 feet of space behind you.

2: Approximately how much room will I have?

Approximately 3 to 4 feet of space behind you with a foot clearance on either side of your table.

3: How many Exhibitors do you allow?

We like to keep our events intimate (35 - 40 exhibitors) so that everyone has plenty of space to move around their table and allow for treatments/readings to take place. We feel that a less crowded event is a more enjoyable experience for the people that come so they can move around easily and be able to fully take in each Exhibitor's offering.

4: Can I purchase 2 tables side by side?

Yes. That is an option. Please contact us regarding pricing for 2 tables.

5: Is there power at my table and is it included in price?

There are limited power outlets that are placed along the walls of the Da Vinci Centre. If you require power please let us know when you fill out our registration form.

Yes. Power (if required) is included in your registration fee.

6: How many people come to the event?

Each event is unique in it's features depending on the Exhibitors that participate. We advertise through Facebook, Instagram, Eventbrite, all the Victoria Event Calendar websites and radio stations. Ads are placed in Victoria local publication. 

We can not guarantee how many people will be at our event but we do strive to do our very best to get the word out. Including placing posters in prominent places around the city of Victoria.

7: How many Workshops do you allow?

Our workshops are slotted to be no longer than 50 minutes to allow for the take down/set up of the next workshop, though they can be shorter. We strive to have a wide variety of offerings and Workshops go through a review process before we approve.

If you wish to hold a workshop please click that option on our registration form and give us a brief outline of what you would like to offer.

8: Why do you offer FREE Workshops at your event?

We love to offer our attendees to our Events a wide varitey of Exhibits, Treatments, Displays and Workshops. We feel Free Workshops is a wonderful added bonus to our ticket price. Those who host a workshop benefit by sharing their gifts to a "captive" audience and have the opportunity for one on interaction with participants which allows them to build their client base and connect more deeply with those that attend.

9: When can I set up my table?

We ask our Exhibitors to be there by 9:00 am to set up for a 10:00 am start. Please ensure you are at the hall in plenty of time to set up your table. 

Our event ends at 5:00 pm and everyone who has participated needs to have all their items out of the hall by 7:00 pm. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or forgotten items.

10: Can I create my own promotional material/ads for the Light & Energy Symposium?

Yes. We are fine with that as long as your ad/promotional material includes our logo (it will be provided to you) a link to our website and the Light & Energy Contact Information.

Is there a question you have that the answer is not listed? Please contact us we are happy to answer any quesiton you may have.


or fill in our contact form.

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