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Thoughts on Death

When I hear that someone has passed away, a part of me feels a little envious. Why? When I think of "dying" I think of my Soul, walking away from it's earthly confines and becoming glorious Light Energy. "I" am still "me" only MORE me. The veils of the earthly realm are washed away.

Released from the confines of gravity and an earthly body I am free to roam the Cosmos, manifesting my joy, visiting times and places. Meeting others in their Soul essence, sharing, caring, loving on the most deepest level. It is a longing inside of me I have had all my life. I watched Cocoon as a little girl and have always wondered where my "zipper" was so I could shed my physical form and be my glowing, Light Self.

Have you felt this? Have you entered the Silence of your Being to know that your ARE, that you Have Been, and Always Will Be. You do not "die". It is an illusion. One many of us hold onto for dear life, and because we do, life, is not dear. It is filled with fear. Which causes a state of feeling out of control, so we want to control everything, everyone around us. Create laws, make boundaries. Build walls.

Living on a mountain, with Nature and Silence all around me, this is the closest to being my True Self I have ever been. On extra special days I can almost see through the "veil". I can almost see/hear/feel the "other side". At least I can feel the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and the connection of all that resides on her. And I feel blessed.

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