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Sacred Awakening Reiki


The Feminine Frequency



Creatress of Shakti The Feminine Frequency, Co- founder of Sacred Awakenings, and bestselling co-author of “I Am A Brilliant Woman (Vol.3)”, Tai-Monique Sophia's sacred mission is to inspire, empower and support womyn to reclaim their inner sovereignty and feminine intuitive wisdom. She walks in devotion as an initiate on the priestess path and weaves in ancient wisdom, mysticism, healing arts, astrology, numerology, Trilotherapy, NLP, ritual and ceremony to unlock the innate power within.

Specializing in vegan skincare, clean beauty and holistic health, Tai-Monique teaches wellness practices to nourish the mind, body and spirit that embodies sustainable lifestyle habits with the vision to design a life of luminous living.

Visit Sacred Awakenings website.

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