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Tarot Card Readings

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Carol Foxton

​Hello! My name is Carol and I am the tarot reader and a partner at West Coast Creative Spirits. I was raised in a small village in North Yorkshire, England and spent a lot of time with my Grandma, who in hindsight was a Hedge Witch. While no names were put to any of the traditions we followed I discovered as I grew older and gained more knowledge that we had a very strong Celtic connection.

Moving to Canada I felt very alone, all the things I took as normal growing up were "out there".  I was left feeling like I did not belong. But, as always seems to happen, my vibe attracted my tribe and I connected with like minded people.

Five years ago Ali came to me with a idea which took wings and along with Cari we opened West Coast Creative Spirits. They gave me the courage to take my Tarot Reading from the kitchen table and out into the world and I haven't looked back. I am an intuitive reader, meaning I read what I see on the cards which may not be the "traditional" meaning of the card. I do refer to the traditional meanings when needed but the cards usually speak quite loudly to me.



My favourite reading is one of the simplest and the most popular spreads, ‘The Three CardSpread’ only uses three cards (who saw that coming?). One of the most powerful spreads forhelping with current situations or quest It can help guide you on almost anything, overcoming aproblem or an obstacle, guiding on a decision that needs to be made or if you are simply justfeeling lost or left behind.Come visit me at the show or email to arrange a reading.

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