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:: The Star Temple ::


The Star Temple is a Full Spectrum Frequency Healing & Metaphysical Portal offering sessions of Consciousness, transformation and Self-Actualization. It is a 5D Starseed vortex, created with intention and catered to your being so you can radiate the most vibrant, illuminated version of you - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Through energy work, vibrational medicine, and high frequency education, you are empowered and guided to recognize, integrate, and embody your Original Frequency state. Whether you are just starting your Sacred Journey or seep in the metaphysical realms, you are met where you are in the Now. 

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Derek Pennett - The Cosmic Messenger

Lightbody Technician & Reiki Master Teacher

A powerhouse within the astral realms, Derek locates all your metaphysical parts and puts them back together again in crystalline order. Using a high frequency amount of Universal Life Force Energy, the unseen parts of you are unlocked to regenerate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual prime bodies. He scans your entire being from the 12 strand DNA to the 5th dimensional chakra system to see what is n need of a tune up, what is distorted in the quantum now and offers photonic key codes for supreme up-leveling so you can radiate your highest self + master the full extra-sensory you.

Derek Pennett also teaches multidimensional living workshops, is a specialist in the mechanics of quantum ascension, offers Multidimensional Reiki Certification Courses & is the creator of Spiritronica metaphysical music + energy encoded cosmic collage artwork. This only scratches the surface of this visionary starseed. He has been active in his practice since 2016.

Visit Derek's website.

Vibrational Elixirs are energetic imprints of crystals & Sacred Sigils encapsulated in water and preserved with Brandy. Initiating transformations deep within the galaxies of your cells, their Divine Healing Codes work through the energy fields &  interact with the subtle bodies to evoke specific qualities within you, influencing all Planes of Existence so you can access greater levels of Self-Actualization & presence.

Light Language is a healing frequency that sidesteps the thinking mind to allow the body & Spirit to respond in pure state to the healing frequencies.  These light codes will be available live during sessions at the market & to be added to your personal tools on bespoke custom USB drives.


Frequency  Healing is based on the premise that as energy, we are influenced by other frequencies - frequencies that can unlock healing, release pain, dissolve fear, clear timelines, and on and on, even deeper still. It goes to your core, into the deepest part of your cells to create change that is so profound it ripples into all areas of your life. It brings in synchronicities & heals wounds. It opens up portals for you to (re)discover pieces that have been forgotten and deeply missed.  


2 offerings of 30 minute sessions will be available to open up up these portals, including Crystal Activated Sacred Geometry to initiate your Heart's Inner Vision & AcuTonic Tuning forks  to invite your entire being, body and organ system back into balance and clarity through the finer frequencies of the Cosmos.Energy encoded artwork is co-created with Spirit and infused with universal life force energy & co-created with Spirit. It is made with the intention of expanding & raising Consciousness. Wherever it is located it raises the frequencies of the space & those within it, purifies the energetics & offers light codes for the continued evolution of your Oversoul complex.

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