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Dreaming of Orcas

I had a vivid dream last night.

Living on Lasqueti Island, the only way off or on the Island is by passenger only ferry that has limited runs 5 days a week. A "passenger only" ferry is just that. No cars. There is zero shopping centers on Lasqueti. No grocery stores, no clothing stores, no anything stores. We have an 8 room off grid hotel that has a small pub and a cafe/bakery, both are located at the Government dock where the ferry comes and goes. If we need any supplies we have to take the 1 hour ferry ride to French Creek and then drive to the nearest town (Parksville) or make the drive to the "big city" of Nanaimo. As stated, this is a "passenger only ferry" so any and all supplies that we buy we need to carry by hand to load onto the ferry and then carry by hand to load off the ferry back on Lasqueti.

Needless to say when you factor in the 1/2 hour 4 x 4 drive to the dock, the 1 hour ferry ride to French Creek, the drive into Parksville (or further) to shop, then drive back to French Creek, load all your supplies onto the ferry, the 1 hour ride back to Lasqueti, unload the ferry, then the 1/2 hour 4 x 4 drive back home (we live on a mountain) it makes for a very... very... long day. And one I don't like to do more than twice a month.

Now that you have a bit of a run down of Lasqueti Living, back to my dream.

I was on the ferry and rough weather unexpectedly appeared (the ferry cut off to run is 32 knots, and if you go, it's a "hell of a ride"). The waves were massive and water was crashing over the back deck, which is where I was standing. I could feel the boat going down and I hung on for dear life. Next I saw a flash of white underneath the waves. And then another, and another. A "whooooosh" of spray shot up beside me and a huge Orca surfaced, swam by me and dove. Waves of fear washed over me as my legs were submerged in the water. "Would the Orcas bite my legs off?" There was nothing I could do but cling to the side of the boat and watch as the Orcas swam by, surfacing to breathe and then diving.

Slowly I began to relax and trust the pod of Orcas would do me no harm and that they were more curious of me than had any desire to harm me. One very large Orca suddenly surfaced right beside me, made eye contact with me and then slowly sunk back beneath the waves and swam away, his pod following him. The rough weather began to clear and the waves stopped crashing and boat "magically" rose out of the water and was seaworthy again. Then I woke up.

I have had the feeling stay with me all day of when the Orca made contact with me. It is one of profound power and I can feel something inside of me shift, give way and return back to center. I did some Googling of what it means to dream of killer whales (Orca) and the message is spot on.

To Dream of Orcas....

Newfound strength and power - Killer whales are some of the most powerful creatures in the sea. They embody resilience in harsh conditions and dominance over their territory. Just like them, you too may feel that you have an unstoppable force within and are ready to assert your position as “king” or “queen” of your kingdom.

  • This dream indicates that a powerful shift in energy has taken place within you. Perhaps you are developing increased confidence in your abilities, discovering new talents or simply feeling more inspired to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

  • You may feel the urge for something exhilarating and different, so why not heed its call?

  • Represents taking risks or throwing caution aside to reach new heights.

This dream meaning really hits me in the Truth Center. We just finished hosting our 2nd Light & Energy Wellness Event and I am SO ready for more!! I am not quite sure what this "more" is but I am ready to embrace it and ride it, rough or calm seas!! I hesitated creating this Blog as it would mean putting myself "out there", but now that I have started I can't seem to stop. I love it! Even if no one reads any of what I am "putting out there", I am no longer afraid to do so.

p.s. here is a little sample of a "rough ferry ride".

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