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Womb Consciousness


Cailin Bator

Welcome to Womb Consciousness, a sovereign state of being and an empowered way of experiencing. 


Attuning to our wombs allows us to expand our awareness into the vast and infinite field of reality. What begins with the somatic practice of noticing allows for transcendence of the body by way of the womb. The portal through which life emerges in a female body is a powerful physical and energetic site to be honoured deeply. Part shamanic, part tantric, this is equally anchoring and uplifting energetic work. The ability to connect to our innate agency and capacity to love fully is required to restore harmony to our bodies, relationships and world.

A powerful somatic intuitive, with an academic background in philosophy and over a decade of study in various healing modalities, Cailin is grateful to have discovered the life changing medicine of womb consciousness and is passionate about reconnecting women everywhere with the wisdom of their wombs. Guided to fully embody her own intuition, healing, power and creativity, she now assists others in doing the same. Cailin is devoted to a life of depth and love, both for herself and for her clients and is ready to support your womb awakening.

Offering private mentorship, individual healing sessions and group programs to support your journey inwards.

Please visit or @wombconsciousness

And book a free discovery call if you would like to learn more. Discount for Light and Energy Symposium attendees on upcoming Womb Initiation Series use code SYMPOSIUM at checkout!

To attune to your womb is to connect with infinite resource.

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