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Breathwork Transformation

Wesley Jobe

An avid learner and a spirited individual with a deep commitment to exploration. I immerse myself in various pursuits, from the graceful practice of archery to the inner serenity found in qigong. Whether cycling through scenic landscapes or gliding in the Pacific Ocean, I relish the richness of somatic experiences. My spirit is infinitely inspired by nature and this blooms in many mediums of creation from painting to sculpting, cooking, and even poetry!

Beyond these physical pursuits, my heart resonates with music, storytelling, and mythology. These interests, along with my profound connection to the didgeridoo, have been transformative and healing over the past decade.

For the last ten years, I've dedicated myself to alternative medicine and traditional wellness practices, navigating the realms of holistic healing with a blend of ancient wisdom and modern insight. Following a four-year immersion in Numa Somatics, I emerged as a committed breathwork facilitator, guiding others on transformative inner journeys. My journey also took me to India, where I earned a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification to share the gifts of inner balance and vitality with my community. I now hold a 90hr Wilderness First Responder certificate for attending to first aid needs in my work and in the great outdoors!

In every adventure, I show up as a dedicated space holder and advocate for the richness of life within every soul. I invite you to join me, Wesley, the explorer of existence, wizard of weirdness, on this enchanting journey of inner discovery and holistic well-being!

Visit Wesley's website.

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Workshop Hosted by Wesley:


Wesely is hosting a unique Resonance Breathwork ceremony at this year's symposium, a blend of psycho-somatic modalities. This one-hour journey, anchored by conscious connected breathing, incorporates curated music to deepen self-exploration. This combination offers a potent opportunity to shift consciousness and access stored experiences. Wesley provides positive affirmations, breath coaching, and individual support, guiding participants towards acceptance & resolution. His compassionate and nurturing style, informed by years of training, fosters a safe space. The experience concludes with a sharing circle and light snacks. Join Wesley in exploring our inner worlds and resonating in compassion for our human experiences.



Wesley offers private breathwork sessions, hosts group ceremonies and retreats, men's group events, & 8 pieces of brocade qigong instruction. Go to his website to learn more about these unique and continually expanding offerings.

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