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Neo-Shamanic Energy Healing & Flower Essences


Melissa Valja - Neo-Shamanic Energy Healing & Flower Essences

Valo Essence is quantum energy healing that I offer in service to others, as they journey through life’s adventures and challenges. My name is Melissa Väljä and I’ve been a healer for a really long time, for many incarnations and life times. I am based in Metchosin, Vancouver Island and offer distance energy healing and essence consultations.


Valo is “light” in Finnish, and I work with different vibrations of light to co-create Energy Healing for any moment of your wellness journey, from when you are feeling well and wish to amplify that energy to when you are feeling out of balance and need support. Vibrational Essences are an amazing ally for people, animals, and land and home clearing and I have held deep reverence for flower essences and gem elixirs ever since first meeting them in 2008.

I am a Shamanic Energy Healer, a Flower Essence Therapist, and have been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 15 years in the Yukon, and have been on the Healer Life Path and being of service since my teenage years. First in the Environmental realm, then within the Healing Arts.

Melissa will have individualized flower essence and gem elixir tinctures for sale, as well as botanical salves, sacred space sprays and candles at the Light & Energy March 23, 2024 Event!

“Our multidimensional self evolves through release, healing, and coming to know the light essence of who we are. Our work is to embody this light and anchor it to the Earth."


visit Melissa's website.

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