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Woo Breathwork


Chelsea Dubeau


Chelsea Eden Dubeau is an intuitive channel and Bodsphere® certified Pranayama (breathwork) teacher (accredited by Yoga Alliance) and certified spiritual coach. 


Already deep into her own spiritual journey when breathwork found her, to say that its impact has been miraculous is an understatement. Through the magic and healing power of breathwork, Chelsea processed and released the trauma of her Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), eating disorders, and addiction while at the same time, deepening her awakening experience and connection to Source, her own divinity, personal power and purpose, and sacred creativity. 


Chelsea knew immediately that it would forever change the way she showed up in the world to serve others, and that she wanted to be a part of breathwork’s momentum and impact on the individual and collective consciousness. Because of the gift that breathwork provides to every human being on the planet - (re)connection to themselves and, ultimately, each other - she invites all who might be even just a little bit curious to check out what WOO has to offer.

Visit Woo Breathwork website.

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