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Shear Magic Boutique


Tanya Coles

Tanya is a hair magician, crystal lover, wife, mom, and magical creator of this & that. She started her career as a hairstylist in 2002, then opened the door to the spiritual side in 2019. 


Shear Magic Boutique is built on the basis of Connection, Consciousness, Community, Compassion, and Beauty. These core values drive Tanya's company to do and be it's best and to support this amazing community through the magic of crystal energy and building your outer beauty. Tanya is thrilled to intuitively hand-pick crystals that are intention filled specifically for you.

Shear Magic Values:

Shear Magic Boutique is an inclusive space for people on the spiritual path, whether that be on the website, in the retail store and salon, through workshops, creating community, or offering a fresh new look. It is fun, light, explorative, and inviting because it is all based on the magic of creativity. It is a place where the seasoned can also come for a fresh new take on life or a fresh new look that might be a little lighter, shorter, and yet just as rewarding.

This is an invitation for you to step inside all that is possible. While making the outside reflect the beauty from within. Visit website.

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