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Bemer Therapy - Emotioncode/Bodycode/Beliefcode


Shari Loveday

Emtioncode/Bodycode/Beliefcode  Practitioner

Did you know that every negative emotion, painful injury, and stressful moment that you've experienced is stored in your body on a cellular level? These emotions can reside in muscles, connective tissue, organs, and joints, among other areas. In essence, your body keeps a physical and emotional history of all traumas and injuries ever experienced. Are you still struggling with past traumatic events? The Emotioncode/Bodycode/Beliefcode session can help release stored trauma patterns from relationships, accidents, work, injuries, and more. So, what emotional traumas are holding you back from enjoying a life free of past grief and sorrow?

The magic of the Emotioncode/Bodycode/Beliefcode lies in its ability to pinpoint and eradicate specific issues. By delving deep into our subconscious minds, the Emotioncode/Bodycode/Beliefcode unlocks the secrets of our innermost imbalances. A series of "yes or no" questions serve as the key to unlocking the mysteries of our being. 

About Shari...

Shari Loveday's dedication to guiding individuals on their healing path shines through her belief that everyone can find value in it. Drawing from her varied expertise in nutrition, counseling, coaching, parenting, and self-improvement, she tailors her support to help people reach their objectives. By offering sessions through different mediums, Shari ensures that her services are accessible to all. Her proven success with challenging cases demonstrates her unwavering commitment to assisting clients in achieving their peak health and wellness.

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