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Certified Holistic Healing Coach, MindBody & Shamanic Practitioner

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Meet Trace Miller:

I am a Certified Holistic Healing Coach, MindBody Practitioner & Shamanic Practitioner. I guide people-pleasers, over-achievers, perfectionists, self-criticizers, highly sensitives suffering from chronic conditions towards healing, hope and freedom. 


My specialty is Mind-Body-Spirit healing - blending evidence-backed pain neuroscience, mind-body therapies and practices with ancient traditional shamanic practices for a powerful transformation of the mind, body and soul.


Innate Wisdom provides hope and results rather than hopelessness. Together with clients, I pave a way for a compassionate and effective approach. I am dedicated to providing a holistic and empowering method to recovery from chronic symptoms and pain - offering healing, not just treatment!


Shamanic Healing:

Ancient traditional practices that have been cultivated for centuries across the globe to heal your spirit and body. It is powerful transformation of the soul that restores your power, and your vitality and encourages lost parts of yourself to come back ‘home’.

MindBody Coaching:

Chronic pain is an epidemic of fear and a misunderstanding between your brain, your nervous system and your body that continues to keep our nervous system in fight or flight, hence causing a perpetual cycle of chronic symptoms - known as MindBody Syndrome (MBS) or TMS. Treating the mind & body as one unit, MindBody Coaching turns your fear and stress into freedom and relief with approachable practices, education and tools.

INNATE WISDOM  |  Recovery from Chronic Symptoms & Pain

Trace Miller | Healing Coach, Health Strategist & MindBodySpirit Practitioner

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