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Sabina Astara (she/they) has been a visitor within the Lkwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories for 33+ years. These lands and waters as well as her Celtic, Norse, and (according to her Grandma) Anishinaabe roots nourish and inform her practice.

Sabina Astara supports people on their spiritual path as Soul Artist, Vocal Alchemist, and Energetic Conduit.

Vocal Alchemy

Sound journeys involving channelled prayer language and song. Like water, this energy cleanses and carries. Channelled messages, visions or images may arise. 


Sacred Star Reflections

Here Sabina channels and mediates benevolent, wise energies, both from her own field and that of the querent. Cards may be used in the process using intuitive spreads and interpretations. 


Solar Return Readings

Based on your birth number and your current solar-return number for this year, these readings synergise numerology, Tarot, and astrological aspects that inform your current turn around the Sun. Each reading is energetically tailored to the querent. No two are the same.


Intuitively woven and crafted in written-visual form, full readings take 3 to 4 hours to prepare. Available for pre-order with an option for specific questions and areas of focus when preparing the report.

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