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So You Want to meet your animal spirit guide?

Did you know that from the day you were born (and actually before) you have had an Animal Spirit Guide? It has been with you throughout your life, trying to get your attention and always, always gently guiding you. Do you have a favorite animal? Do you notice one (or more) animals that constantly seem to show up? In movies, photos, on your feeds, in your dreams? That is your Animal Spirit Guide and if you listen it will help you.

I have always had a fascination with wolves. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a wolf, or be raised by wolves. When I see an image or video of a wolf something deep inside me stirs. The sound of the howling wolf fills my whole being with longing and something.... more.

When I was five my school took us on a field trip to an animal sancturay. I remember walking long this very tall chain link fence when suddenly a wolf "pack" came out of the trees. The lead wolf stopped and our eyes locked. I felt no fear. Only a longing to be with them and I started to climb the fence to be with "my family". A nearby teacher saw what I was doing and grabbed me. I fought her with everything I had and held onto the fence tightly. They literally had to pry my fingers off the fence to get me down. Once on the ground I locked eyes with the lead wolf again and started to sob uncontrollably when the teacher pulled me away to join the rest of the group and carry on.

This memory has always haunted me and since then I have always had images, carvings and artwork of wolves in my home. When Wolf shows up in my dreams I pay attention and know they are with me in whatever situation I am going through.

If Wolf is Your Animal Spirit Guide...

  • You are highly empathic and your intuition is a leading force in your life

  • Family is extremely important to you. Family does not have to be "blood related"

  • You have strong Leadership qualities and order is important to you

  • You have deep "inner wisdom" and follow it's guidance even when others do not understand it

  • You have a strong appetite for freedom and living your life powerfully and in the moment

If Wolf Shows up for You...

  • Wolf's message is to be persistent and to never give up, even when things get tough. Wolf will help you find the strength and courage to face challenges and to keep going

  • Wolf encourages you to listen to your gut, to pay attention to your inner voice, and to follow your passions and wildest dreams with confidence and purpose

  • When Wolf appears in your life, look closely at a person or situation that may be a “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Today's Wolf Message...

"Stand tall and do not back down. You do not need to "fight" to win. Trust in yourself and in your abilities and walk away from those that may mean you harm. That feeling of unease around a person/situation is your inner guidance. Believe in it."

In Light,


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