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Mother's Day Gift From Beyond

I had a Wonderful Mother's Day with my mom. I headed to her place this morning and stopped by the flower store to pick her up a beautiful bouquet. I searched and searched through the store's offering but nothing "felt right", though the flowers were gorgeous. I looked around the store and my eyes fell upon this amazing Azalea plant in full bloom with beautiful deep magenta flowers. Something inside of me said "YES!"

I took myself and the plant and headed to her house, where I found her, as she always is in Spring, digging in her garden. "Surprise!!! Happy Mother's Day!!" I yell as I strolled up her walkway and handed her the Azalea. After a big hug I said to her "Sorry I didn't get you a bouquet but nothing I looked at made me happy but when I saw this plant I Just KNEW I had to give it to you."

"Oh Dee" she says (Dee is my nickname) "Years ago your brother gave me an Azalea that was this exact color and it lived in my garden for years, but died not long ago".

My brother's birthday is tomorrow. It's been almost 4 years since he left us and I said to her "Well mom, it looks like Rick wants to wish you a Happy Mother's Day too, and he did it through me."

Count your Blessings, Love your Loves and let them know every day as tomorrow is not promised. And remember.... those butterflies that drift by, that sweet smell that unexpectedly floats by on a breeze, could just be a passed on loved one saying "Hello".

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