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I Died When I Was 5, and it Was Glorious

Updated: Apr 12

I died when I was 5. I won't go into how it happened as it was from something I am not ready to let the "world" know about yet. Anyway, during this situation I could feel the blackness surrounding me, next came rainbow, swirling energy and a distinct smell of nail polish remover. As I went through the rainbow swirling energy the noxious nail polish remover smell drifted away and soon I was floating above my body. I could see it quite distinctly. Small, frail, laying there. I knew it was "me" but the ME I was now was so.. much... bigger! How the heck did I fit in that small, little body??

I looked at the body for a few more mintues, no attachment to it whatsoever and then realized... "I am FREE!!!" The knowledge of this was incredible. No more earthly, weighted down feeling. No more "limitedness". Just glorious, wonderous space and my next thought was "I am OUT OF HERE!!"

I felt myself floating "up". Up and up and up... I was ecstatic. I was going HOME. Suddenly a Wall of Angels appeared before me and stopped my progress. "No." they communicated to me. "Yes!" I communicated back. "I changed my mind. I do not want to do this, it's too hard."

"No." they repeated. "You have to go back."

"Back??? No!!"

"Yes." they said firmly. "You have work to do. Important work."

Suddenly I felt myself expand to the Completeness of Me and I remembered my agreement with The Council of 12. Yes, I agreed to it. Yes, I knew it would be "hard". In this dimension with all the information of the Universe available to you, it is easy to see the Big Picture and I could feel myself slowly going "down" and back into my body. I don't have any memory of "waking up" but ever since that episode I have felt the presence of Angels and have heard their guidance. And, on a few occaisions, they have intervened and saved my life, though I will share those occurances at another time.

In Light,


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