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Eating Crow - it's Not What You Think

I have been listening to the guidance from Crow for many, many years. I learned in my twenties that the Universe Talks to You and loves to send signs and messages. You just have to learn how to hear and see (and feel) these messages.

First. Pay attention.

I read a book that stated your relationship with the Universe is a two-way street. Meaning the Universe will send you signs AND you can also let the Universe know what kind of signs you would like to receive (more on that in another post).

When I started to Pay Attention to the Universe Crow showed up in my life. Yes, crow has been around since the day I was born, but suddenly Crow became Front and Center. I couldn't ignore him. One day I was going about my day, doing what a stay-at-home-mother-of-three does, when suddenly Crow showed up in the trees of my yard and CAW, CAW, CAW!!!! Every time I had the thought of an errand I was going to run, Crow would start. CAW!!! CAW!!! CAW!! I became really annoyed at Crow. The more annoyed and angry I became the more CAW! CAW! Crow would caw.

Exasperated I decided to take a quiet moment and reflect. I ran through the chores of my day, the places I needed to go and everytime I thought of this one errand Crow would CAW. "OK" I thought "I made the choice to Listen to the Universe, now it's time to 'shut up and listen'". I rearranged a few things, decided to put off that one errand for another time and went about my day. From then on Crow was quiet. Later that evening I heard on the news of a really bad accident on the route I would have taken, at the time I was going to run my errand. I would have been in that accident. A slight chill ran through me. I now knew what Crow was trying to say.

From that day on I have always heeded the word of Crow. It is not always a "huge disaster" that he tries to steer me away from. For example if I am heading to the store to purchase a particular item and I see crow swoop before me I know the item I want will not be there. Yes. I have tested this out. And every time Crow is right. I no longer doubt him. Now that our mutual communication is firmly established Crow appears a little more subtly, though I know if his CAW!! CAW! CAW!! becomes insistant, it is something I really need to pay attention to.

In Light,


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