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Consciousness Facilitator, Meditation Instructor


Szara Turpel - Consciousness Facilitator, Meditation Instructor, Awareness, Communication and Life Coach


Szara's greatest commitment and mission is to invite and guide people into a reverent relationship with themselves and life; into their beauty, power and inherent nature they are. From this location point, yourself and life gets to be thoroughly enjoyed; relationships thrive, needs get articulated and met, and love (and our commitments) get to win the day. It's a pathway to awareness and connection; it's a pathway to peace.


Born a lover of learning | living; (feeler) of life.
Szara is a Life Artist | an Alchemist 
Living is her artform, Life is her medium and Moments are her currency.


And her motto she lives by and guides by is Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live.

Workshop: e.motion [energy in motion]


We will take an up close look at this layer of ourself and the power and communication our emotional system offers. How often have you felt overwhelmed, taken over or embarrassed by your emotional response OR how often have you felt numb, distant or confused by your emotions?

Our emotions are powerful energy letting us know a lot of information and feedback that is very useful for us. They can be our best friends letting us know what we need, what we want, what works and what doesn't FAST and in real time.

Join this workshop to unlock the language of your emotion and start to build a beautiful relationship with this part of yourself.

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