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Sierra Hamilton

'm Sierra, the artist and life coach behind The Magical Hippie. I am 26 years old and based in Vancouver Island. 


My items include Tea Cup Spell Candles which use recycled tea cups, herbs, crystals, flowers and other treasures to create a powerful intention candle. Along with spell jars which are packed full of magical ingredients and its mobile counterpart spell baggies for on the go magic. Lastly I make collage framed affirmations that add a touch of mindset magic to your home. 

Because at the end of the day, life is way more fun when there's magic involved.

I make magic crafts and am a Multi-Certified Spiritual ADHD Life Coach. The Magical Hippie began as a crafting business - wherein I work with herbs, flowers, crystals and intentions to make, and bring magic and healing into other people's lives. Visit The Magical Hippie

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