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Lotus Garden Healing Arts


Stefanie Bobinski


Stefanie is a local artist, energy reader, and healer. Stefanie offers Private 1:1 Soul Sessions, in a Safe and Loving Container. Stefanie has over 15 years experience in Trauma work, including 4 years at Langara College, in deep study of it. She is a Reiki Master, Cacao Ceremony Leader, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Advanced Akashic Record Reader, Channeller, and has 1000’s of hours holding space for transformation. She combines all of her skills and experience to create a personalized and special healing session just for YOU! She holds you, as you lean into anything holding you back, so you can step into the highest version of your self. Welcoming your inner child, with play and delight, and all your tenderness with love and compassion. 

She uses light language, Reiki, crystals, channeling, and energy reading to provide a profound, insightful and beautiful experience. She was born to do this, and is devoted to helping YOU living a better life! Your emotions are welcome here.     

At Light and Energy Symposium Stefanie will open you to the world of magic and possibility. She will be offering mini Energy Reading Soul Sessions, and Inner Connection Sessions.  


Book a FREE Self Discovery Call with Stefanie.  

WhatsApp 1-236-335-8414   

Instagram @stefanie_bobinski


Stefanie, Owner of Lotus Garden Healing Arts


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