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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Lisa Camargo RAc

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lisa was born in Sao Paulo/Brazil and moved to Canada in 2008 where she got married and has two gorgeous daughters. After suffering for over 15 years with severe gastro-intestinal issues, and tired of not having a solution from orthodox medicine she decided to see a TCM doctor who helped her instantly to balance her health. That was when she fell in love with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then she was determined to also help people as she was helped with this marvelous ancient medicine.

As an acupuncturist Lisa enjoys treating a variety of conditions, including digestive disorders, anxiety, depression & insomnia, circulatory & respiratory problems, migraines & headaches, back, neck, joint pain, allergies, etc. She has a special interest in treating women’s health concerns, and facial rejuvenation.


Jamie Grant, is a dedicated acupuncturist on a mission to change the world through connection. Jamie's journey in Chinese medicine began at Pacific Rim College in 2019, fueled by a passion for learning and a love for exploring new horizons. With a heartfelt desire to create positive change, Jamie is committed to offering acupuncture as a transformative tool. By fostering a safe and loving environment, Jamie aims to not only help individuals with each of their unique needs, but contribute to a collective wellness that ripples out, making a lasting impact on the community. 


Lisa Camargo and Jamie Grant will be offering free ear acupuncture, tui na massage and cupping at our July 13th, 2024 Summer Spiritual & Wellness Event.

Get your advance tickets now!

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