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Reiki/Indian Head Massage

Jill Sartorio

Jill grew up in a large loving family of 8, being a middle child taught her the art of caring for others at an early age. Being very sensitive to the energies of people around her, Jill found herself wanting to help to make everything better. The desire to help others led her to a career in nursing at Island Health. Jill retired in 2021 after a 35-year career, 25 of these years at Hospice caring for the dying and their loved ones. Healing Touch was Jill’s introduction to energy work about 20 years ago and she found it to be a beautiful skill to have at the bedside. Jill completed two levels of Healing Touch and planned on continuing to all levels until she discovered Reiki.

Jill completely fell in love with the simple and profound practice of Reiki and completed her training in 2022 and is a Usai Reiki Master Practitioner. Jill creates a welcoming safe space for clients to relax and surrender to the gentle energy with the intention of benefiting their body, mind and spirit for their highest good.


Jill will be offering Indain Head Massage at the upcoming Light & Energy Symposium.

Indian head massage is a unique alternative relaxing massage treatment that has high satisfaction rates when it comes to managing tension headaches and migraine-related symptoms.

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