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Lightworker Coaching, Human Design & Oracle Readings

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Lisa Richard - Certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Emotion Code Practitioner, Ancestral Healer / Past Life Reclamation, Lightworker Coach, Human Design Guide, Intuitive Channel / Oracle Card Reader, and Keynote Speaker.

Lisa specializes in supporting Spiritual Entrepreneurs in developing custom websites, online courses, self-publishing, marketing strategies, intuitive development, and business coaching. She uses her gifts as an empath and intuitive channel to guide clients towards fulfilling the calling of their life purpose. If you are ready to shine your light out into the world, embrace the shadow of your imperfection, and take the necessary action steps in reclaiming responsibility for your destiny, then reach out and let us walk side-by-side together in love and support. Visit Lisa's website.

WORKSHOP: Inner Alchemy – You have the power within to transform your life.


Have you ever felt like you are repeating the same patterns over and over and just not getting what it is you are here to learn? Or perhaps aware that you can only get so far until those self-sabotaging behaviours or fears creep in and knock you off course? What if there was a way to uncover the natural fears and karma that you carry? And better yet, to be shown how to transmute your fears by applying the principles of alchemy? Using the combined teachings of Human Design and the Gene Keys, this workshop will introduce you to the power of your birth information and how you can discover your inner alchemy as a guide to assist you in claiming back your divine nature.

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