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Hope Merenne
Intuitive Soul Healing

Intuitive Healing sessions are for those who are ready to embody greater self-love, align more deeply with their soul’s truth, awaken to their true essence, and come forward with their light in the world. Both an energy transmission and intuitive reading, an Intuitive Healing session can awaken your consciousness to its highest expression.  

Hope holds a sincere space of pure source-love and acceptance which allows for transformational healing and awakening.  She compassionately meets each client wherever they are and with whatever is arising and support an opening for the purest truth and light to emerge. 

Hope has a gift of seeing what’s unowned and held in the shadow, and moving directly to what’s needed for your greatest liberation and truth in that moment.  You’ll see into the unseen and develop the clarity and knowing to embrace the shifts that life is asking of you.  You’ll strengthen your innate wisdom, your trust in the universe, and experience greater flow and harmony in all areas - self-empowerment, relationships, work, health, and family.

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