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First Nation's Medicine


James (Gentle Lightning) Taylor


My English Name is James Taylor but my Anishnaabe name roughly translates into Kind/Gentle Lightning, Government says I am from Curvelake First Nation but Grandpa always said “Waasgigmong Anishnaabe Kawartha’s Doongiiba”, we are the ones that take care of the big lakes in the Kawartha’s in Ontario. Niigig Dodem, I am Otter Clan. I was raised and adopted by my paternal Grandparents and taught our ways by my Great Grandfather.

I graduated from Trent University in Peterbourgh Ontario in 2006 with a BA in Indigenous Studies and my undergraduate was in Political Science, however, I look at my teachings from my grandfather as my real education; I carry a medicine bundle and mideewin teachings and knowledge from our area along with songs and I am a drum keeper. I am full Blood Ojibwe.

​I follow my dreams and in doing so I have walked across Turtle Island (Colonial Canada) for the last 2 years from Victoria to Ottawa. I walked in 2014 to honor the survivors of IRS Indian Residential Schools and for the children that never came home. In 2015 I walked to honor not only our Murdered Missing Indigenous Women and Girls but also our Men and Boys too, and bring awareness to the violence in our First Nation Communities and help bring an end to that violence.​


James's Offering at the Symposium:

  • Oral Traditions: 4 directions, medicine wheel 

  • Teachings of the Drum: singing and drumming 

  • Storytelling

  • Traditional Medicines

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