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Emotion-Code, Body-Code Practitioner


Shari Loveday

Certified Emotion-Code, Body-Code Practitioner, Belief code Practitioner

Shari is a Certified Emotion-Code, Body-Code Practitioner, Belief code Practitioner, and has a background in nutrition, counseling, bio-resonance biofeedback, parenting and self improvement. She offers sessions via proxy,  zoom, email, phone, and live sessions with texting. She has been practicing since 2014. She is the mother of five children, and owner of two dogs. Her passion is to help others on their healing journey. She is a firm believer in the power of our minds and creating the life we desire.

She was introduced to the book “Emotion-Code” by a friend who told her that it could help her with her lifelong pain she'd been struggling with; she was hit by a car when she was 7 years old, and have had constant pain ever since. In getting rid of her own pain with emotion-code, she moved on to assist her husband with his shoulder that was injured in a motorcycle accident. She remembers thinking "everyone needs to know about this and we need to share this with the world' 

She finds great joy in helping others on their journey of healing. Shari doesn't diagnose, but she does check for imbalances so your body can support itself. She believes everyone has the desire to be more and it's her mission to help those who desire to be the best they can be. Shari has done sessions on some of the most difficult cases with huge success, no matter how many sessions she does she is in awe and amazement. In her opinion Emotion-Code and Body-Code is the answer for every struggle, every issue (both big and small).

Shari believes that removing imbalances tunes you into the universe. Your subconscious knows how to heal the body.

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