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Dave Hyldig of HypThink Hypnosis for Change and Growth

Certified in Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis) through MMHA, created by Mike Mandel, a world-renowned hypnotherapist and expert teacher. I have also completed complimentary certifications in Coaching for Health through Pain BC & The Science of Well-being: Positive Psychology, a specialization in master strategies and tools that enable individuals and organizations to thrive.


I worked on the advisory panel for the development of Live Plan Be+, a province-wide expansion of services for people living with pain, through Pain BC, the largest pain-specific charity organization in the world.


I practiced as a coach through the Coaching for Health program within Pain BC for people living with pain, to teach pain self-management and behaviour changes that impact health and wellness.


My passion for hypnosis led me to begin my current private practice in hypnotherapy, where I have been able to meet and help clients all across the globe make positive changes in their lives. 

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