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Catharine Coates, Orgone Balancing Treatments

Born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver by a single mum, hardships were a fact in my formative years. I now believe, due to that I turned to Spirit at a young age to help guide me on my path.  In my adult years a friend introduced me to stones and crystals and my life shifted in very positive ways.  My friend  started designing orgones and soon started making one of a kind transformational tools that I used on myself to propel me further on my journey.  Eventually she and I collaborated together in creating specific massage tools that I have been using to assist others in clearing negative stuck energy, facilitate cellular regeneration and provide some mental and physical support for those in need of an energetic re-boot. 

My service is offered in a safe space with lemon water provided after. Clients have stated that my services have given some relief to chronic and acute pain, provided clearer inspiration and assisted with energy issues, besides providing a wonderful relaxing treatment.


Find me on Facebook under Catharine Coates or Orgone Balancing Treatment.

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