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Beyond Quantum Healing Workshop

Beyond Quantum Healing with Stephanie

Beyond Quantum Healing is a spiritual modality of healing that utilizes deep meditation & hypnosis techniques. From this deep state of relaxation, we can access your subconscious and the spirit realm to gain understanding, clarity, and healing. 


In a beyond quantum healing session, you will be guided to wherever the most relevant time and place may be, whether that be a past life, a future life, or somewhere in the spirit realm. We then ask your guides or higher self to come forward and explain why you were shown that experience. This is followed by deep healing work that can involve bringing in light, colour, or simply asking your spirit guide for healing to be done. This process can lead to an immense amount of healing: through a deepening of understanding of what may be holding you back in life or what you need to do to progress further as well as from the healing actually done in the session itself.


The workshop will describe in more detail what Beyond Quantum Healing entails and will include a mini Beyond Quantum Healing session with the whole group. I'm excited to share my passion for this modality of healing, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the workshop!



Stephanie is a holistic nutritionist, medical herbalist, and beyond quantum healer who loves to guide others on their healing path with natural and holistic modalities. She has 5.5 years of education and 2 diplomas from Pacific Rim College in Holistic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and 1 year of education and a certification in Beyond Quantum Healing.


Her business is Nectar Alchemy where she weaves together physical and energetic medicine and holds space for others to heal, through one-on-one consultations, workshops, and through the natural herbal products she makes. Check out her website or say hello to her at the symposium to learn more about her offerings.

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