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Image by cheng feng

Aura Photography


Atousa Faryar is a Kundalini yoga teacher and shamanic healing practitioner and energy worker. She is the owner and space holder at 7 Rays Metaphysical Store in Fernwood, Victoria with her husband who is a Reiki master, energy worker and a spiritual counsellor. 

Atousa will be offering Aura Photography at our July 13th, 2024 Summer Spiritual & Wellness Symposium.

What is Aura?

Aura or etherial energy field is a coloured emanation to enclose a human body or any animal or object. A multitude of colours compose these ethereal energy fields. However, there’s typically one dominant hue. That colour reflects your most prominent traits.

What is an Aura Camera?

Aura Camera displays a simulation of an aura, chakras, and related data on a computer screen in real-time as well as it creates in-depth analysis reports and aura picture.

We use AuraCloud 3D Pro Camera which is an interactive multimedia aura imaging computer system. It is built on the knowledge of advanced sensors, auras, chakras, energy fields and mind-body-spirit.

Visit 7 Rays website.

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