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Angelic Energy Healing and More


Jessica Wrench - Psychic, Medium and Energy Healer


Jessica's Soul’s purpose is to serve Spirit through guiding and supporting others on their own unique journey of awakening to their Soul’s greatest potentials. She provides sessions in which she communicates directly with Spirit in multiple forms, offering clear insight, supportive guidance, inspiration and transformational healing.


In sessions, she adapts, or “raise”, her state of consciousness to blend deeply with Spirit (Consciousness, Source, Creator, God…Etc. whatever term resonates best for you) in multiple forms. Jessica directly connects and channels information from some or all (and not limited to): Your Spirit Guides; Power Animals; The Akashic Records and relevant past life experiences; the Angelic Realms; Ascended Masters; Elemental Realms; Light Beings; and generally anything that Spirit recognizes as most beneficial for you to know at this time.

Jessica is also a Medium and in this capacity, she offers a direct link of communication to your Loved Ones from across the veil for messaging, healing, support and confirmation of the eternal nature of life. In addition, she provides Intuitive Energy Healing during which she works closely with the Angelic Realms and other Light Beings of high vibrational frequencies to help clear, heal, balance and restore harmony and vitality to all levels of one’s physical and ethereal bodies.


Our true nature and the greatest potentials for our lives are often limited by our dichotomous mind; a lens generally characterized by fear and limitation. In sessions, Spirit offers guidance that addresses the core truth of who we are, illuminating the path back to our own inner knowing – an authentic state of pure, unifying love and implicit trust. A deep, transformational experience of enlightened self-awareness. Spirit reminds us that we are all Divine Consciousness embodied; that our fundamental essence is truly that, which is, All That Is.


“To discover new Oceans, we must first be prepared to lose sight of the shore.”

 Paraphrased Quote – Andre Gide

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