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Andrea McIntosh - Crystal Enthusiast, Wellness Coach, and Founder of The Amethyst Crown.


Fascinated by Mother Nature, rocks and crystals since childhood, Andrea founded The Amethyst Crown two years ago to help people find their perfect gems. Working from home and through an Etsy site, she carefully selects each crystal, delighting in connecting individuals with the stones that resonate with them. In addition to her crystal business, Andrea is a wellness coach specializing in fitness and nutrition, integrating a holistic approach to well-being that includes a spiritual dimension. 


Come explore our exclusive collection of healing crystals from The Amethyst Crown. Whether you’re seeking balance, energy, or peace, we have a crystal to meet your needs. My table will include many crystals such as:


  • Pink Amethyst: Aids in emotional healing and self-love

  • Purple Amethyst: Promotes calm and clarity

  • Smoky Quartz: Provides grounding and protection

  • Fluorite: Enhances focus and mental clarity

  • Rose Quartz: Enhances love and compassion


Visit my table for personalized recommendations and special event discounts!



Here are just a few samples of what will be available for sale at the Light & Energy Summer Spiritual and Wellness Symposium!

Visit Andrea's Etsy site to view all The Amethyst Crown has to offer.

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