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Amanda Dietrich, Intuitive Healing


Amanda is a Sacred Rebel, Transformation doula and Soul Guide. She is able to see multidimensional probabilities & energetic distortions hindering your alignment to your true authentic self & your unique soul path. Amanda guides you into BEing your own divine conduit & strengthening your own souls giftings.


Amanda assists you in untangling your conscious and subconscious connections to self across all dimensions of time and space guiding you to open up into clarity with a deeper understanding & innerstanding of where you are, who you are and what you came to birth through your way. She incorporates intuitive channeled energy guidance & healing, shadow integration, embodiment practices & intentional somatic dance/creative flow movement. Amanda aids in the process of becoming & unbecoming at the deepest levels of BEing.


  • Channeled intuitive healing, reading & activation sessions (options for both seated & standing as breath & movement as medicine is also incorporated)

  • Channeled oracle card readings

  • Encoded healing crystal grid

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